[AG-TECH] 2.3 installation (video producer problems)

Mike Elmore mwelmore at lbl.gov
Fri Nov 12 12:54:55 CST 2004

I hope that this isn't a fact.  We are just using that WS# box for the video
producer.  Did you have similar problems with node manager unable to find the
video capture devices?

"Victor M. Babson, Jr." wrote:

> If you must use RHEL WS3, then I would have to recommend that you drop back
> to 2.2 and put up with the bugs.  I spent weeks trying to get 2.3 on WS3.
> When I switched to Debian, however, I was up in minutes!  2.3 just will not
> work on RHEL WS3 afaict.
> --Vic
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> Sent: Wednesday, November 10, 2004 2:18 PM
> Subject: [AG-TECH] 2.3 installation (video producer problems)
> > We have been trying to upgrade to 2.3 with mixed results.  The display
> machine that supports audio and the video consumer is fine.  The machine
> that supports the video producer is not.  We have installed red hat WS3 for
> the os and we used FC1 for the ag2.3 system.  When we try to add the service
> we only see x11 as being available.  We see the same thing on the video
> producer machine if we try to run node mangement from there.  Any help will
> be appreciated.
> > Thank you,
> > Mike Elmore
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