[AG-TECH] Rat ALSA code in 2.3

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Thu Nov 11 19:04:05 CST 2004

Hi Steve,

> Have you had any problems with the ALSA sound?

With the later Alsa i8x0 drivers, the audio from rat sounds slightly 
robotic, that's about it.

One interesting thing is if I use your Alsa patch and have an Alsa driver on 
a 2.4 kernel, the rat GUI comes up, but if I only have the OSS drivers, the 
rat GUI doesn't comes up. If I have no Alsa patch and only OSS drivers, the 
rat GUI doesn't come up. If I rebuild with Redhat's gcc 2.96, the GUI comes 
up regardless. I suspect it is some kind of gcc 3.2.2 optimization bug. I'll 
probably release a new AccessGrid RPM statically linked against Alsa lib and 
compiled with gcc 2.96 next week.


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