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Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Tue Nov 9 11:28:18 CST 2004

A small typo correction:



George Estes wrote:
>   For the NCSA venue server the path is, for those who can't copy and 
> paste into the venue client, 
> http://venus.ncsa.uiuc.edu:9000/Venues/default    exit The World exit 
> SCGlobal Lobby  exit Sc Global Keynote. :o)
> At 08:46 PM 11/8/2004 -0600, you wrote:
>> We will be broadcasting the SC Keynote featuring  Tom West.  Feel free 
>> to join this event and invite your friends.
>> Tom West, president and CEO of National LambdaRail, Inc. (NLR), will 
>> highlight the history and vision of NLR and how it is being initially 
>> used in his SC2004 keynote address. West’s talk kicks off the 
>> technical program on Tuesday, November 9. NLR is a national effort of 
>> members and associates from across the U.S. focused on implementing 
>> and operating a national network infrastructure to serve the needs of 
>> the advanced research community.  For more on Tom West and an abstract 
>> of his talk, go to www.sc-conference.org/sc2004/invited_speakers.php. 
>> <http://www.sc-conference.org/sc2004/invited_speakers.html.>
>> To view this please view it via AG at the SC Global Keynote room that 
>> is available at the insors venue http://venues.insors.net 
>> <http://venues.insors.net/> (insors software only), at the ncsa venue 
>> https://voyager.ncsa.uiuc.edu:9000/Venues/000000ffe14972d1008d008e0040000b579, 
>> or the SC Global venue at https://hobbes.mcs.anl.gov:9000/Venues/default
>> Thanks
>> Jackie Kern
>> SC Global 04 

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