[AG-TECH] PIG video/audio transmission

Jimmy Ferng ferng at email.arizona.edu
Mon Nov 1 21:36:50 CST 2004

I have this PIG running Windows XP, and have AG 1.2 and AG 2.1.2
For some reason, I was not able to send video and audio out. (The
receiving is perfect for both video and audio.) On my local computer, I
could see my own video windows in the room, such as BIG HORN, I have
connected. The RAT tool showed the signal for microphone when I was

Can someone please help why the other party could not receive my video
audio? (My video image was not even shown in the room on their computer


       Jimmy M. Ferng, ferng at Arizona.EDU, (520) 621-6263
             Research Computing, CCIT, Building 73
                     University of Arizona
               1077 N. Highland Avenue, AZ 85721

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