[AG-TECH] Whiteboard in AG?

Adam Carter adam at epcc.ed.ac.uk
Tue Jun 22 10:59:58 CDT 2004

Robert Olson wrote:
| we did a demo at sc a couple years ago of wbd integrated with the ag2
| prototype system, seemed to work pretty well (though it requires
| and as I recall doesn't use straight RTP so the RTP reflectors don't

Hi Robert,
I'd be interested in hearing more about this wbd integration. Does it work
like a normal AG2 shared app? Has it ever been tested with AG2.2? Does it
use AG's infrastructure for the communication of events between instances of
the application?
Is there any documentation available anywhere which describes specifically
the use of wbd with Access Grid?

I've heard many people talk about their desire to have an easy-to-use
whiteboard integrated with AG, so if there's one out there, it begs the
question as to why it isn't being used more widely. It seems to me that it
is important enough functionality to be distributed with the main AG
toolkit, or at least mentioned in documents like the User's Guide to Shared
Applications. Do you know if there are any plans for either of the above?

Any comments on, or answers to, any of the questions above would be
gratefully received!

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