[AG-TECH] Re: AG Retreat Slides?

Mary Fritsch fritsch at mcs.anl.gov
Tue Jun 15 17:54:59 CDT 2004

Yes over the next few days, they will start living on the program pages, 
now labeled program/proceedings.  We will eventually product a CD and mail 
this out to attendees.

At 01:33 PM 6/15/2004 -0700, Randy Groves wrote:
>No pressure ... ;-)
>Just wondering when these might be available.  My descriptions of the 
>retreat have engendered a considerable amount of interest here, and I'd 
>like to be able to show it off soon.
>In the past, the slides were available on the Retreat web site, as they 
>became available.   Is this going to be the case again?  I would 
>definitely argue for not waiting until they all become available to 
>release them - although I would definitely like to have a CD if that 
>becomes available.
>Thanks for all your work!!!

mary fritsch . futures lab . mcs . argonne national lab . 630 252 5297 

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