[AG-TECH] Access Grid Retreat

Sanders, Donell sandersd at wssu.edu
Mon Jun 14 11:20:27 CDT 2004

The Access Grid Retreat in Toronto was absolutely wonderful!  The sessions
were very informative (even for a non-programmer like me :-) )  The Ryerson
crew was fabulous (Ron, Many, Cathy, et. al) and showed  me a great time.
I'm looking forward to the next retreat and to coming back to Toronto on my
own personal time.  I think the idea of the two tracks (Operational and
Technical) was a great one.  The SIG breakout sessions were very cool.
Talking to Stephenie McLean from NCSA and Rollin Guyden from Clark-Atlanta
was a blast as well as meeting everybody from all over the globe who uses
this wonderful technology.  I'm fired up about spreading the Access Grid
news and helping others to become a part of this thing.  Also, many thanks
to Kazayuki Shudo (I hope I spelled that right) for making me famous with
his karaoke grid!  It was very nice to meet you face to face.  Can you
e-mail me a copy of the picture we took together?  Ivan and Tom, can I be
your intern?  Just kidding.  My brain would explode and I need it to come up
with exciting new node services :-).  You guys are fabulous at making this
stuff seem simple.  Thanks for all of your help.  All the people from ANL
and NCSA, thanks for coming up with this great technology.  Jennifer @ BU,
thanks for your offer to come and help us at WSSU.  We'll be in touch soon.
Jackie Kern, looking forward to working with you for SC2004.

All y'all have a great day!

Donell C. Sanders
Winston-Salem State University
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(336) 414-9371 cell
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