[AG-TECH] Unicast connectivity

Ronald Crummett ron_crummett at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 26 12:53:39 CST 2004

I have run into several problems, it seems, in setting up an AccessGrid 
node.  Let me explain the whole situation to you and see if you can help 

I am currently working on a project to set up an AccessGrid node on a PC for 
the University of Idaho Aquacultural center in Hagerman, Idaho, about 1.5 
hours southeast of Boise, where I am currently residing.  The center in 
Hagerman is currently under construction but will have the multicast 
Internet2 connections.  The distance between the Hagerman center and myself, 
in addition to the lack of IT professionals at the center, has led me to 
pursue a course of installing, configuring, and testing an AccessGrid node 
here in Boise, and then taking it to Hagerman for permanent use and minimal 
IT management.

Right now, I am trying to become familiar with setting up and configuring an 
AccessGrid node by installing the software on my laptop.  I have installed 
the necessary software and would like to test my node, but when I try to 
connect I only see myself because I am not on a multicast connection.  I do 
most of my Internet-related work on the network at Boise State University 
and the school does not have multicast-enabled connections.

I am looking for a possible workaround so that I can connect to AccessGrid 
using the unicast connections available at Boise State.  Many of you have 
suggested using VRVS and while this does appear to be a viable alternative, 
it does not present me with the option to do what I need to do; that is, 
test and configure an actual AccessGrid node.

Is there a way to connect to AccessGrid using my unicast connection, a way 
which will enable me to test and configure my own AccessGrid node?  I have 
seen something about a utility called VTC but I do not know what I need to 
do with it in order for it to help me.  Again, I do this not for myself, but 
rather to become familiar with the operation of an AccessGrid node.  Thanks 
for the assistance.  I look forward to hearing your suggestions.

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