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Osland, CD (Chris) C.D.Osland at rl.ac.uk
Mon Jan 26 05:43:03 CST 2004

The site as a whole seems almost totally broken, apart from that
page - I can't even get in to download the demo!


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> From: Richard Naylor [mailto:richard.naylor at citylink.co.nz]
> Sent: 22 January 2004 01:35
> To: ag-tech at mcs.anl.gov
> Subject: [AG-TECH] Video tool
> Hi Folks
> Have just had a problem with a video tape I had to process - 
> video colours 
> were all over the place and the encoding I did was terrible. 
> Tape "looked" 
> ok. Anyway I found a software vectorscope program that showed 
> the tape was 
> garbage (well confused, colour wise). I am in the process of 
> correcting it 
> via a mixer.
> Thought I would pass the link on as its a useful tool for setting up 
> cameras and showing if the cable is introducing loss or if 
> your lighting 
> needs compensation etc.
> http://www.digitalmediaworks.com/products/vscope/default.html
> I can't seem to get to pay for it yet as the web page is down.
> Also found this other cool link to software the model hand 
> movement to 
> control a PC, maybe a self tracking camera ?
> http://www.infomus.dist.unige.it/sito_inglese/research/r_previ
> ous/vscope.html
> rich

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