[AG-TECH] Request for a QuickBridge

Markus Buchhorn Markus.Buchhorn at anu.edu.au
Thu Jan 15 19:31:19 CST 2004

Hi All

Can I request, that if you have good/any multicast connectivity, and you are prepared to run a quickbridge, that you perhaps give rcbridge a go as well? 


It's a lot more flexible, it's rtp-aware, is remotely configurable on demand (you don't need to reconfigure it for every request, the multicast-challenged can do it with a web browser), has a (basic) ACL system, can do bandwidth management/stream selection, etc. There's also a client for it that can re-multicast on your subnet, which could be scripted into the AGtk quite readily, and make it transparent to your node.

We've had about a dozen or so people try it so far, and no bug reports as yet (so I don't believe they're trying it out hard enough :-) ) We're trying it out for AG sessions to the home (for those who, unlike me, have at least DSL to home), and we've used it for HDTV transmissions from multicast to unicast.

The next version will include a pop-up-menu for AG venue addresses, a sap/sdp listener, user-specified downstream port numbers (for firewalled users), possibly a registration/heartbeat mechanism to find rcbridges on the net, and a lot of other ideas. Always looking for feature requests :-)


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