[AG-TECH] Question about multicast...

Sanders, Donell sandersd at wssu.edu
Thu Jan 15 14:45:20 CST 2004

So I'm coming back to my office (well, really two cubes lined up against a
big picture window in the new Computer Science Building) and my network guy
asks me if we always connect to the same place when we start up the AG.  I'm
thinking, "Hmmm.  That's a good question.  I only care if it doesn't work."
Am I right in thinking that we all connect to one place (the venue server)
and then go our separate ways (to each venue) from there?  And if so, what
is the IP address of this place?  Our network guy is trying to keep the AG
traffic separate from the other "everyday" network traffic.  Or is it
possible that we actually connect to whichever place that gets us to the
venue server the "best" way or whatever?  Am I making any sense?  Just don't
laugh at me too hard.

Big Don
Winston-Salem State University
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