[AG-TECH] Access Grid Lobby only shows my video

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Mon Jan 5 13:07:07 CST 2004

I'm not a network engineer, but this sounds to me like a multicast 
problem at Tennessee.

A couple relevant resources, in case they're helpful:

	Multicast support FAQ from our dear friends at NLANR

	Multicast beacon software, from these same dear friends

	AGTP online tutorials. See especially tutorial on network

- Jennifer

djlewis wrote:

> The University of Arkansas @ Little Rock is running the old 
> ver also. We see several sites in the lobby. We have been off- 
> line for two weeks. 
> Thank you, 
> Don Lewis 
> UALR VRC/AG Technical Support
>>===== Original Message From Bill Gray <wgray at tennessee.edu> =====
>>Hello everyone,
>>Has something changed at the Access Grid Lobby?
>>Access Grid Lobby only shows my own video.
>>Starting December 19 when I log into the access grid lobby an could only see
>>my own video streams.
>>We are using the old software,  Access Grid Toolkit Version 1.0.2, which had
>>been working fine for months.  Have added memory to the two DELLs but
>>otherwise nothing should have changed.
>>We have classes scheduled for next week using the AG so need to get it
>>working again ASAP.
>>Any information is appreciated.
>>William (Bill) Gray
>>Science Alliance
>>University of Tennessee
>>(865) 974-3907
>>wgray at utk.edu 

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