[AG-TECH] Bridge server with 2 interface cards

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Often Multicast sockets are set up to "not loopback".  This means that any
traffic sent from the local computer is not received at the local computer
again.  This is typically true of bridges.


I do not think that you need to set up two separate cards to listen in to
multicast and unicast at the same time.  You can only set up one unicast
socket listening on a particular port, but you can usually set up any number
of multicast sockets listening on the same port as the unicast socket.


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We were trying to build a better AG connection topology, so we intalled 2
network interface cards, where one sits in multicast network domain and the
other in unicast network domain. 


But it didn't seem to work, the AG clients from multicast domain can't join
with the AG clients from unicast domain ( the clients using bridge server).


Could you give any suggestion ?


Jinshung Liu




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