[AG-TECH] More problems with my AG2.3 upgrade

Peterson, Michael R michael.peterson at pnl.gov
Thu Dec 16 15:30:54 CST 2004

I have installed the latest software AG2.3 on two Linux AW3.0 computers
(video and audio) and one Windows 2000 computer (display). I have
personal certificates on all thee computers. I start the Service Manager
on all three computers. I previously configured the Node Manager  using
the Wizard and setup all three computers. So I have the Service Manager
running on all three computers (in Debug mode), the Node Service is
running on the Display computer (in Debug mode) and I start the Venue
Client (in Debug Mode) on the Display computer. It takes a very long
time for the Venue Client to start, as I watch both the Video and Audio
consoles it appears that they are opening at least 25 ports each. The
say "Starting Service URI: https//###:65035/Service" where "###" is the
IP of the computer the service is running on. The port numbers seem to
be random, it will go from 54524 to 61371 on the next line? 

So as the Venue Client starts on the Display Computer, I notice all
these port commands on the other computer. Then when I actually get in
the AG room the video on the video computer seems to be in a loop where
it just keeps launching videos. The video on the display computer
sometimes starts multiple vics and other times just the one window (but
the video computer seems to always have way to many videos).

Is this how it is supposed to run? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Michael R. Peterson II
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

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