[AG-TECH] Problem with configuration values in Service

Rhys Hawkins Rhys.Hawkins at anu.edu.au
Wed Dec 8 18:13:17 CST 2004


I've been trying to add some configuration variables to the 
VPConsumerService.py and they come up fine in the Node Management
dialog. They are also stored correctly in the configuration file
(e.g. /home/rhys/.AccessGrid/Config/nodeConfig/pigSetup). 

However, on quitting and restarting the VenueClient, then 
opening up the Node Management gui, none of the settings have
been restored, ie they're still set to default values. Explicitly
reloading the configuration still doesn't load the actual
values in the configuration file.

Attached is the VPConsumerService.py file, can somebody please
tell me what I've done wrong.


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