[AG-TECH] Adding links for other venue servers

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Wed Dec 8 12:15:50 CST 2004

	I'd like that too, be able to link TO other servers, given the URL. I 
don't see how that can be done, given the current VenueManagement 
program. Anyone have any hints on how to do that? Given the ability to 
enter a link URL, people could link to anyone else's venue server just 
like they do a webpage.


Michael Miller wrote:
> I am trying to add a link for the IVS on my venues server.  When I put 
> in the address for the ivs in the Modify Venue dialog and hit go, I get 
> an error that the exits cannot be loaded.  Is it possible to open up the 
> IVS so others can make this link?  Also, how do I open my venue server 
> to let others make a link for it?
> Thanx,
> Michael Miller
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