[AG-TECH] AG 2.3 for Mac OSX Instructions.

Brian Corrie bcorrie at sfu.ca
Sat Dec 4 15:13:16 CST 2004

Hi Jimmy, others,

I am not a Mac person so I am probably a good person to give 
instructions. Our install went very well and was quite straightforward. 
We downloaded the two packages (wxPython and AGTK) as Mac DMG files and 
installed them as you would normally.

The AG VenueClient basically ran out of the box. The only issue was the 
previous email that was sent around on this list - that the Certificate 
Manager should be run from the VenueClient, not the AG Launcher window.

There are no node services as of yet, so AG on MacOS is not functional 
(you can't do audio and video) as a collaboration tool. There are a 
number of tools that are close, but have not yet been integrated into 
the AG as node services. Hopefully we will see that soon.

Hope that helps. Certainly not step by step detailed instructions but I 
found that they weren't really required as it worked quite well...



Jimmy Miklavcic wrote:

> For those of you working on getting AG 2.3 running on MacOS X, could 
> some one please post step-by-step instructions? I've seen posts that 
> deal with pieces of the puzzle but no full set of instructions. I know 
> University of Idaho was successful in getting it installed and running.
> Thanks,
> Jimmy

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