[AG-TECH] Mac OS NodeServices (video/audio)

Brian Corrie bcorrie at sfu.ca
Sat Dec 4 14:24:15 CST 2004

Hello all,

Given the recent ability of VRVS based audio and video tools to work 
under Mac OS we have been playing with a Mac AudioService to try and get 
it to work. The VenueClient hangs when trying to add a AudioService Node 
Service to a node through the node management interface.

Oddly enough, we have been playing around with VP as well, and see 
exactly the same behaviour. The VenueClient hangs when trying to add a 
VPVideoConsumer service. This leads me to believe that this is a generic 
"Add node service to a node problem" on Mac OS, NOT an AudioService problem.

So my question is, has anyone been able to add ANY kind of a NodeService 
to a node under MacOS? Markus, have you had any luck with getting a VP 
node service running? Any insights into this problem? Tom, Ivan, any 

Excerpt from the node service log below... Note that it seems to hang 
when it try to start the service and never comes back. At this point one 
has to kill the VenueClient.



12/03/04 15:31:49 -1610571284 ProxyGen     ProxyGen.py:551 DEBUG Using 
GT24 proxy code
12/03/04 15:31:49 -1610571284 Toolkit     Toolkit.py:90 DEBUG 
Initializing AG Toolkit version 2.3
12/03/04 15:31:49 -1610571284 Toolkit     Toolkit.py:132 INFO  Logfile 
Name: AudioService.log
12/03/04 15:31:50 -1610571284 Toolkit     Toolkit.py:606 INFO  Service 
init: have profile None
12/03/04 15:31:50 -1610571284 CertificateManager 
CertificateManager.py:257 DEBUG Opened repository 
12/03/04 15:31:50 -1610571284 Toolkit     Toolkit.py:635 INFO 
Initialized cert mgmt.
12/03/04 15:31:50 -1610571284 Toolkit     Toolkit.py:650 INFO  Loaded 
profile and configured with it.
12/03/04 15:31:50 -1610571284 CertificateManager 
CertificateManager.py:734 DEBUG Configuring standard environment
12/03/04 15:31:50 -1610571284 CertificateManager 
CertificateManager.py:802 DEBUG Using default identity /O=Access 
Grid/OU=agdev-ca.mcs.anl.gov/OU=sfu.ca/CN=Brian Corrie
12/03/04 15:31:50 -1610571284 CertificateManager 
CertificateManager.py:873 DEBUG Initializing environment with proxy cert 
for /O=Access Grid/OU=agdev-ca.mcs.anl.gov/OU=sfu.ca/CN=Brian Corrie
12/03/04 15:31:50 -1610571284 CertificateManager 
CertificateManager.py:907 DEBUG Looking for identity (unused) None
12/03/04 15:31:50 -1610571284 CertificateManager 
CertificateManager.py:892 DEBUG Configuring for user proxy issued from 
/O=Access Grid/OU=agdev-ca.mcs.anl.gov/OU=sfu.ca/CN=Brian Corrie
12/03/04 15:31:50 -1610571284 CertificateManager 
CertificateManager.py:895 DEBUG Proxy /tmp/x509up_u46917 will expire 
12/03/04 17:28:09
12/03/04 15:31:50 -1610571284 CertificateManager 
CertificateManager.py:1479 DEBUG done, success=1
12/03/04 15:31:50 -1610571284 Toolkit     Toolkit.py:654 INFO 
Initialized Globus.
12/03/04 15:31:50 -1610571284 Toolkit     Toolkit.py:662 INFO  Service 
Initialization Complete.
12/03/04 15:31:50 -1610571284 Toolkit     AGService.py:368 INFO 
Starting Service URI: https://irmacs001.irmacs.sfu.ca:65020/Service

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