[AG-TECH] ANL VenueServer changes

Thomas D. Uram turam at mcs.anl.gov
Fri Dec 3 12:10:58 CST 2004

Given recent changes, we'd like to clarify our plans with respect to the venue servers 
here at Argonne.

- The AG1 server and bridges have been turned off according to plan.

- At 5pm today we will be turning the TVS off.  In order to smoothly transition we will 
move our production AG venue server to replace the TVS.  The address of the server will 
not change (it will still be https://vv2.mcs.anl.gov:9000/Venues/default), but the layout 
of the venues will be quite different. The core AG1 venues will reside in a 'Community 
Lobby' off of the main venue server lobby.  The core venues are:

Big Horn
Full Sail
Jack Frost
Lucky Labrador
Test Room

These venues will keep their current static multicast addresses.

- The institutional venues from the TVS will now be officially superceded by venues on the 
institutional venue server (https://ivs.mcs.anl.gov:9000/Venues/default).  If you need a 
venue for your institution, you can request one here:


If you have any questions or concerns, you can send them to us at ag-mcs at mcs.anl.gov .

Thanks,  The AG Team

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