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Brian Corrie bcorrie at
Fri Dec 3 11:48:32 CST 2004

Hi Tom,

Awesome, thanks. That worked...

Another MacOS question. I have heard a number of times people mention 
the MASH version of vic working on OS X.

Not sure if anyone has looked into this, but VRVS has both a vic and rat 
version that works on OS X. Vic is based on the MASH version of vic. I 
tried VRVS yesterday, and it seems to work fine with vic and rat using 
the Apple iSight camera. Is there any reason why someone (not 
volunteering... yet) has not yet created a VideoService and AudioService 
based around these tools for AG???

This doesn't seem like it would be a terribly hard thing to do, given 
that the tools exist already.

Just curious, as I would love to have a working AG on the Mac. I know 
Argonne is working on native tools, but in the meantime this would be a 
nice workaround.

Comments anyone (especially Argonne)...



Thomas D. Uram wrote:

> Brian:
> There's a known problem on the mac, whereby certificates can't be 
> imported if the certificate manager is launched from the AGLauncher.  If 
> you start the venue client, and use Preferences->ManageCertificates, you 
> should be able to import your certificate.
> Tom
> Brian Corrie wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I just installed AG 2.3 on a MacOSX box. Everything went smoothly 
>> until I tried to import my certs. I only get an "error on import 
>> message". I was able to import the Grid Canada CA signining authority 
>> but no luck on the certs. Has anyone else seen this problem?
>> I am going to explore the log files tomorrow but I thought I would ask 
>> a quick question just in case... Any help greatly appreciated!
>> Cheers,
>> Brian

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