[AG-TECH] RAT audio sliders

Derek Piper dcpiper at indiana.edu
Fri Dec 3 07:41:26 CST 2004

	Thank you to all that have responded on this, I see I do indeed have 
the UCL version in use still, and the sliders are where you said, Colin.



Colin Perkins wrote:
> On 1 Dec 2004, at 22:01, Christoph Willing wrote:
>> On 02/12/2004, at 2:32 AM, Derek Piper wrote:
>>>     I have a question about the audio level sliders in RAT (version 
>>> 4.2.16). I realized that under Linux, there are no individual sliders 
>>> for participants, whereas under Windows each participant can be 
>>> adjusted individually. Is there a way to enable sliders in RAT under 
>>> Linux, or is it a different version/patch that I need to do that? I 
>>> would have thought that any sliders would be handled by Tcl/Tk.
>> The rat distributed with the AG2 toolkit has the sliders included. The 
>> original UCL version doesn't have them (last time I looked). I think 
>> you may be using the UCL version.
> The UCL version does have them, but they're hidden in the pop-up that 
> appears when you click on the user's names in the participant list.
> Colin

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