[AG-TECH] vic not transmitting (multi-node setup)

Markus Buchhorn Markus.Buchhorn at anu.edu.au
Thu Dec 2 16:39:55 CST 2004

Hi Doug

At 09:34 AM 2/12/2004 -0500, Douglas Baggett wrote:
>Problem is....ever since I renamed the system when I try to connect to my video system it says it cannot connect to the service manager :( I've even run the service manager in Debug and confirmed it was listening on that port.

Check that the DNS domain names are also set correctly on both. I've found that there are two locations for the domain name in Windows, used for different things, that I've never been able to sort out. One is in the obvious tcp/ip settings (properties, advanced, dns). The other is in Control-panel/system/computer-name/"change"/"more" - you'll notice there sometimes your computer name is shown without a domain suffix. If I didn't have both set, I found some problems connecting between machines on a multinode system. Similar issue under Linux, although it's harder to miss providing the DNS name :-)

Either OS, it looked like it would connect to 'machine.example.com', but the response came back from 'machine' and that was rejected.

Then of course there's the time issue - need to make sure they are ntp'ed to keep their clocks within cooee of each other :-)

Does the videoproducerservice log on the capture machine show it being called everytime you change venue? That'd clarify if the commands are going ok in both directions or only one direction. 

>AND! to add insult to injury...the identity cert I was using for testing expired overnight. LOL

Uhm... Can't really help you there :-)


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