[AG-TECH] WebSite

christoph ganser ganser at ethworld.ethz.ch
Thu Dec 2 05:25:58 CST 2004

Dear List members,

We are heading a project in the field of CSCW. We recently put together 
a website (http://www.cscwmarket.org/), whose purpose is on the one hand 
to give the public a way to find CSCW solutions for their projects as 
well as a forum to discuss various products. On the other hand the 
website is also available for companies and developers to make their 
product available. The website features a search function for our 
database, a forum for discussions and registered members may add their 
products to our database.

We are contacting you to spread the word about our website and to 
hopefully get some feedback about the website. Of main interest to us 
are any suggestions you might have for improvements, such as features 
you would like to see included etc...

Hope to see you soon on the http://www.cscwmarket.org - website.

Christoph Ganser & Michael O’Dell
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology - INSPIRE
Tannenstrasse 3 - CLA G 19.1
8092 Zurich - Switzerland

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