[AG-TECH] vic not transmitting (multi-node setup)

Markus Buchhorn Markus.Buchhorn at anu.edu.au
Wed Dec 1 20:45:12 CST 2004

Hi Doug

One of the things that bit me just today is one of our nodes (the last one running 2.1 still) had exactly this behaviour. The logs showed the videoproducer service exec()ing vic as you'd expect, yet nothing happened, no vic started

Turned out to be that I had defined the camera title (in 'manage my node'/'configure producer service') as something like "Camera1 - left" to try out some new cabling. When vic was started the number of quotes/shell escapes around that title didn't quite work out right, and vic started trying to send/listen to stdout/stdin, or thought 'left' was another option, and just bugged out. Removing the ' - ' fixed it. :-)

I don't know if this bug is still in 2.3, but will check that soon.

YMMV :-)


At 04:09 PM 1/12/2004 -0600, Monika Rabarison wrote:

>Have you started the AG Service Manager on the Capture machine before
>starting the Venue Client on the Display machine?
>On Wed, 1 Dec 2004, Douglas Baggett wrote:
>> Well....
>> I've got my display machine talking to the video capture system (Fedora 
>> Core 2). I was able to add a videoproducer service for each capture 
>> card. But..when I start up the display client on the windows side and 
>> enter a venue, vic does not transmitt anything. I know I'm missing 
>> something here but I can't seem to find what in the documentation.
>> help!
>> thanks!
>> -Doug B

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