[AG-TECH] Fedora Core 2 and AG 2.3

Todd Zimmerman toddz at sfu.ca
Tue Aug 31 16:14:08 CDT 2004

You may want to try temporarily disabling your firewall also to see if 
that is the problem.

My firewall currently accepts:
established  / related connections
TCP port 22 (don't think you specifically need this for AG)
udp port 47000 (rat gui)
udp ports > 50000 (RTP streams)

Plus, I'm only on unicast - so if you use multicast you'll need to 
specificy that traffic also.


Jeremy Mann wrote:
> I am having no luck at ALL whatsoever with 2.3 and Fedora Core 2. When
> going to a venue, the client just hangs. I've even tried to start it from
> command line thinking I'd get an error message, but I don't. Has anybody
> seen this with Fedora Core 2?

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