[AG-TECH] Winnov Videum 4400 & regedit & AG2.3B

Fred Dech fdech at uchicago.edu
Thu Aug 26 17:30:56 CDT 2004


i just cleaned house on our WinXP room node machine.
it has the WV4400 card.  i used Matt Thorpe's instruction for using
regedit to set the 'Source' field values in vic.exe[x] and WnvConfig.exe[x].
a reboot confirmed that the values remained.

maybe i'm missing something simple.  but when i add a VideoService or a
VideoConsumerService to my node, i only get Video for 'streamname' and a
blank field for 'port.'  or  no change from before doing regedit.

i'm a bit at a loss.  any suggestions would be welcome.



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