[AG-TECH] Firewall & AG

Fred Dech fdech at uchicago.edu
Tue Aug 24 14:59:58 CDT 2004


i know this has been asked before, but i never saw any detailed replies.

lots of you out there have very tight firewalls, but still run AG effectively
with multicasting.

we have a collaborator who is tentative about multicasting to begin with,
and is very keen on only opening port addresses that are absolutely necessary
for MCAST and AG sessions to work.  they may even just open them for the
scheduled sessions and then close them up again for all i know.  i'm not that
savvy when it comes to the firewall / usable mcast AG trade-off.  the site
in question will be running AG from a single Windows box.

can someone send out a brief description of the minimum ports/port ranges
that are required, or point me to some documentation on this issue.



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