[AG-TECH] CVS AGTk client cannot connect to default server (RH9.0)

Socrates Varakliotis S.Varakliotis at cs.ucl.ac.uk
Fri Aug 20 12:26:05 CDT 2004

Thomas' comment regarding the LANG env variable took me a step further. 
gpt installed fine after unsetting it on RH9.

Then, the Globus toolkit v.2.4.3 got installed fine.

The next step was to re-install pyGlobus (swig has been installed 
already). Now, here's another problem:

[root at Gorilla pyGlobus]# python2.3 setup.py install --run-swig
Checking for which modules to build
Checking the util module
Missing dependency to build the util package.
This package is required to build all of pyGlobus.
The following is the error message from globus-makefile-header.
('ERROR: Cannot open /usr/local/globus/libexec/globus-sh-tools-vars.sh!\n',)
Now exiting from the build.
[root at Gorilla pyGlobus]#

Looking inside /usr/local/globus/libexec I can't find the file 
globus-sh-tools-vars.sh, which is required by the installer script. Here 
is what exists in this directory:


Any more comments? Is this a version problem again?

Socrates Varakliotis wrote:
> Socrates Varakliotis wrote:
>> The paragraph on Linux says:
>> 1. Have Globus 2.4.3 installed, instructions for that are elsewhere.
>> (you only *need* the globus-data-management-client bundle)
>> Where exactly are the instructions you mention? And where is globus 
>> 2.4.3?
>> AFAIK, the latest stable globus release is 3.2.1.
> I finally managed to locate globus 2.4.3 under globus' download archives 
> (a well-hidden link): http://www.globus.org/gt2.4/download.html
> Now, I have the following problem: The gpt-3.0.1 won't install, dumping 
> the following error:
> [ucacsva at Gorilla gpt-3.0.1]$ ./build_gpt --prefix=$GPT_LOCATION
> build_gpt ====> installing GPT into /usr/local/globus
> build_gpt ====> building support/Compress-Zlib-1.16
> build_gpt ====> building support/Archive-Tar-0.22
> build_gpt ====> building support/PodParser-1.18
> build_gpt ====> building support/Digest-MD5-2.20
> Makefile:75: *** missing separator.  Stop.
> ERROR: the following command failed: make >/dev/null
> Any ideas please?
> Regards,
> -- 
> Socrates.

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