[AG-TECH] OS X AG questions

Jerome jeremy.knope at gmail.com
Thu Aug 19 12:35:56 CDT 2004

so what exactly should work and what doesn't work with AG & OS X?
So far I've seen that i can view video streams via openmash vic, can't
transmit unless i use QuickTime broadcaster (although there may be
some possibilities with the beta QuickTime python module)
and openmash vat doesn't seem to know how to decode any audio coming
in, rat used to work on my machine but no longer shows up when

also, the VenueClient runs ok, but not in personalNode mode,
AudioService and maybe VideoService get locked up and keep VenueClient
from continueing..

are these known problems or is there ways to solving them and they
just don't work for me?

Seems like theres some that do use AG on OS X so wanted to clarify things.

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