[AG-TECH] AG 2.3 and Service Manager

Jennifer Hare jjhare at umd.edu
Thu Aug 19 10:29:19 CDT 2004

Ahhh... I see.  Thanks!

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The service manager is still started by the venue client; as of 2.2, the 
service manager is started on the same port as the node service, port 
11000.  If you rebuild your node configuration using the service manager 
on port 11000, and save this new config as your default, everything 
should work automatically as it did before, the way you describe.

The problem you're encountering occurs because you're using an old node 
configuration that assumes a service manager on port 12000 which is, as 
you mentioned, not running.


Jennifer Hare wrote:
> I can add those services, but the problem is that when I run the venue
> client and go to "Manage my node", there is no service manager running.  I
> need to manually start the service manager each time, add it (in the
> my node" dialog) and then I can add those services.  
> With my 2.1.2 pig install, this was all automatic, I could run the venue
> client and it would automatically start the service manager and add those
> services.  I never had to start the service manager manually or add the
> audio/video services manually.  Instead, this all seemed to get setup
> installation.   
> So, did I just miss some configuration wizard during the installation of
> 2.3?  Or have things changed?
> Thanks!
> Jen
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> Jen,
> Have you added AudioService and VideoService within 
> "Manage my node"?
> Monika
> On Wed, 18 Aug 2004, Jennifer Hare wrote:
>>I just installed AG 2.3 beta on my Win XP desktop (for a PIG node).  When
> I
>>run the Venue Client, and enter a venue, the vic and rat don't start.
> When
>>I checked to see what was going on, I discovered that the service manager
>>doesn't automatically start when you run the venue client.  Is this
> normal?
>>Or did I mess something up?  With AG 2.1.2, didn't the service manager
> start
>>automatically when you ran the venue client?
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