[AG-TECH] Node Registration at ANL

Mary Fritsch fritsch at mcs.anl.gov
Wed Aug 18 11:17:20 CDT 2004

I put them on the registration list through the AG website, you setup your 
own profile through the node listing on the NCSA Scheduler.  As far as the 
institution venue, those are not being created at this time.  Instead, 
there will be an automated form in place soon that allows you to request 
your own.  Right now we are in a holding pattern on new venues... Thanks.


At 05:59 PM 8/17/2004 -0700, you wrote:
>I've recently registered a new University of California, Santa Barbara - 
>College of Engineering node with ANL, but have not seen it listed in the 
>global listing. Nor do I understand the method of setting up an 
>Institutional Venue.
>I'm sure the AG-TECH list is not the appropriate venue for this kind of AG 
>business, but could someone please point me in the right direction of who 
>I can contact?
>Thank you very much,
>Rob Callaway

mary fritsch . futures lab . mcs . argonne national lab . 630 252 5297 

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