[AG-TECH] Ospreys & FC2

Robert Callaway rob at engineering.ucsb.edu
Tue Aug 17 11:52:22 CDT 2004

Douglas Kosovic wrote:

>Hi Stuart,
>>It's never easy is it. Having made little progress in getting my 4
>>osprey cards to work with AG2.2 under windows XP, I moved to FC2
>>Great all 4 cards are there, however I can only get streams from the
>>S-Video input on the 2 Osprey 220's , I'm unable to change inputs on the
>>2 230's.
>Download the following V4L python script:
>  http://www.itee.uq.edu.au/~agn/ag_fedora/FC2/stable/patches/v4ltest.py
>then run it (either chmod a+rx it or python v4ltest.py), if it doesn't
>detects all the inputs on Osprey 230s, let me know what v4ltest.py's output
>If the v4ltest.py script detects all the inputs of the video cards you have
>installed, replace the existing Config.py located at:
>  /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/AccessGrid/Platform/unix/Config.py
>with the new Config.py from:
>   http://www.itee.uq.edu.au/~agn/ag_fedora/FC2/stable/patches/Config.py
>As root run:
>  python /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/AccessGrid/Platform/unix/Config.py
>which will compile Config.py to Config.pyc, ignore any output messages.
>You can then start AGServiceManager.py as you normally do...
Hi Stuart,

Are you able to work with any video streams from the Osprey 230's, 
either S-Video or Composite?

If not, I just found/fixed a similar problem (yesterday!) on my FC2 
system w/ Osprey 230. What I found is that the bttv driver (0.9.15) 
included with the FC2 kernel (I'm running 2.6.7-1.494.2.2smp) does not 
recognize the eeprom ident code of the Osprey 230. After some extensive 
web searching, I found a vague reference to it here:


That message pertains more to changes to the bttv-0.7.97 code, as the 
code for the 0.9.15 version seems to differ enough that the references 
in that web posting are hard to follow. Further it appears that 
modifications posted on the viewcast.com web site for version 0.7.97 in 
support of the Osprey 230 card have not found their way into the 
maintained bttv sources. Trying to keep things as current as possible, I 
downloaded the bttv-0.9.15 sources and patched the bttv-cards.c module 
to include the eeprom code for the Osprey 230, adding
    case 0x00A0:

after the case lines for other Osprey 2xx cards:
    case 0x0060:
    case 0x0070:

After that, I compiled the bttv module and replaced FC2's bttv.ko module 
with this one. I have no idea if this is all that's required to fix the 
entire issue with Osprey 230's and FC2, but it is sufficient for me and 
I am able to receive the S-video feed from my Osprey 230.

Hope this helps!

Rob Callaway
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