[AG-TECH] Which version should I use?

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Tue Aug 10 07:01:56 CDT 2004

Hi Natalia,

> Thank you very much for your answer, i was wondering when will be AGTK 2.3
> migrated to FC2?.

Most likely the day after the AGTk 2.3 source code is released or has been
CVS tagged, I will make a set of AGTk RPMs for FC1 and another set for FC2.
They will be found where the AGTk 2.3 beta1 RPMs are currently located:

> > After the Fedora AGTk 2.3 RPMs are released, there may not be any
> > future RPMs made for FC1 (which uses python 2.2.3),  as python 2.3 is
> > now being used on the 3 ANL supported platforms. FC2 is safe, as it
> > comes with python 2.3.3.


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