[AG-TECH] Which version should I use?

Douglas Kosovic douglask at itee.uq.edu.au
Tue Aug 10 00:05:59 CDT 2004

Hi Natalia,

> This question is more focused to the AG developers team. I am a little bit
> confused with which version should I use for a production environment
> now. AG2.1.2 is a well known software to me, I have tried AG2.2 a little
> and know AG2.3 beta comes into the scene. Our Galician/Portuguese nodes
> will be up and running by 14th September, and I am concerned about what
> should I do. Whether to tell our partners to install AG2.1.2, AG2.2 or the
> new AG2.3 beta.

Whichever version you use, don't use AGTk 2.2 (which doesn't work properly
on Linux).

On a modern Linux distribution, your mileage and effort may vary for
installation of the stock AGTk 2.1.2 RPMs and then getting them to work

AGTk 2.3 beta1 has many bug fixes over AGTk 2.2, especially issues dealing
with VenueClient interactions with the venue servers.

AGTk 2.3 will probably be released in a months time, upgrading from 2.3
beta1 to 2.3 final should be trivial.

> Of course there is probably the need to migrate from RH 7.3 to another
> Linux distro. Gentoo or FC2? We would like to follow close ANL steps,
> it be a better decision to make it for Gentoo? Will be FC2 supported the
> same way as Gentoo??

Ultimately it's the same AGTk source code, just a different packaging
mechanism. For the Fedora RPMs, bug reports are still logged with bugzilla,
if there are any Fedora specific packaging issues I'll handle them. Soon,
I'll also have write access to the AccessGrid CVS repository.

After the Fedora AGTk 2.3 RPMs are released, there may not be any future
RPMs made for FC1 (which uses python 2.2.3),  as python 2.3 is now being
used on the 3 ANL supported platforms. FC2 is safe, as it comes with python

For the stable Fedora AGTk RPMs, if necessary, I'll retrofit any serious
patches from CVS and increase the RPM revision number. If you are using
up2date, you'll be notified by the rhn-applet that there is an update

I'll also try to make regular Fedora AGTk CVS snapshots, perhaps fortnightly
(they will be located in the unstable folder).


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