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I am forwarding this to the AG-Tech mailing list in hopes of finding others 
who are interested as well.  I'll send you a couple dewey numbers when I 
get them.

So, AG folks,
Whaddya think of Simon's idea?  I know some changes would need to be made 
in the way data is handled in the venue.  One idea that comes to mind is a 
hierarchical layout for data.  Also, there would be a need for various 
types of searches within the venue.

Also, below you see I mention using the venues as a replacement for the 
WIKI.  For the time being, we could just drop files in a designated venue 
(the meadow?) on VV2.  Then, as a more formal structure for organizing data 
in a venue becomes available, we can reorganize things.  Or would this get 
out of hand?

I guess it all comes down to what my high school shop teacher taught me, 
"Use the proper tool for the job."  Would this be a proper application of a 

Michael Miller

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>I'm sooooooooooooo glad you like the concept. Am doing some revision over at
>AG.org and a WebICT tutorial, which is very good, thanks.
>The directory has been spinning around my head for a few years now. Its the
>best compromise I could come up with to help bridge 'global classrooms' and
>'virtual libraries'. The discussion is starting to mature here now, but most
>people in my little world don't really 'get it'. They must take a 'global'
>view on things, like you have to do every day. You should be aware that the
>Dewey system has been translated into (i think) 35 languages.
>Let's progress in an orderly manner. I will pass on your happy opinion of my
>gem to some people in Grangenet and a few Unis I know, as well as me mates
>at the National library. You could really help me if, when you get together
>with your mates, you would find and send me only two Dewey (six digit)
>numbers from the books that your community reads. It will help me scope the
>directory in concrete terms to some librarians with an
>http://www.ap-accessgrid.org perspective.
>Thanks again for the encouragement. Its been a long time between drinks.
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>From: Michael Miller [mailto:mimiller at ncsa.uiuc.edu]
>Sent: Thursday, August 05, 2004 11:19 PM
>To: Simon Fenton -Jones
>Subject: Re: A directory for virtual venues
>This is a great idea.  Have you looked through the official AccessGrid
>website?  http://www.accessgrid.org
>The list you mention is a list of those sites who have nodes and
>participate in various meetings.  This is only a list of those who have
>registered to use AGSchedule.  There is a more extensive list on the
>AccessGrid website.
>Given the capabilities of the new software, what you propose would be quite
>easy.  Although a few interface tweaks might be in order.
>Let me suggest you send the text below to the AG-TECH mailing list.  You
>can register for it on the AccessGrid website.  I think there are many
>people who would be interested in what you propose.
>In fact you've given me an idea for filling a current need for the AG
>Community.  There was a WIKI posted with lots of helpful information, but
>it was taken down because of vandalism.  I'm going to propose that we set
>aside a venue to drop in helpful files for the community.
>If you are interested in setting up your own node, please let me know and
>I'll be happy to help anyway I can.
>At 02:55 AM 8/5/2004, you wrote:
> >Dear AG,
> >
> >I've been reading your site and got up to
> ><http://agschedule.ncsa.uiuc.edu/directory.asp>http://agschedule.ncsa.uiuc.
> >, which I take it are where the physical servers for the venues are
> >situated. Looks like about 189 of them if I'm reading this correctly. You
> >are probably seeing an explosion in demand for venues from all parts of
> >the world as professors get their gumption up. The hope for a remote
> >student like myself is that AG will working on a directory and archive for
> >the content that goes through the rooms.
> >
> >I understand that the AG is primarily a way of tying together individual
> >global rooms so they can participate in events. That means that all the
> >remote presentations for an event, in a number of different formats, may
> >be recorded and archived for playback later, somewhere. The venue can also
> >hold all the files for an event, but afterwards would probably be deleted.
> >
> >The problem, I think, is that accessgrid is terrific for participation,
> >but only for the chosen few who are privy and already on the inside. Even
> >then, if you miss an event or a series of events, its too bad. You never
> >know what you missed out on. The crux of the problem is that while
> >accessgrid is looking only at supporting events, global libraries are only
> >looking at archiving information in their digital repositories. So
> >students in all parts of the world can look at the AG schedule and wonder
> >what they are missing out on, just as much as they attempt to get
> >clarification for a question that sprang to mind after reading someone's
> >virtual library.
> >
> >Hopefully, AG may be giving some consideration to treating each venue as a
> >'media station' for specific content. What I mean is that if virtual
> >venues were considered as books, and each venue was classified by the
> >subject matter that goes through it, using something like the Dewey
> >Decimal system, then an opportunity exists to create a global library of
> >venues that could, not only host global and regional events related to
> >specific subject matter or professional discipline (so related venues
> >might be discovered and browsed by interested parties), but also point to
> >an archive of previous events and their associated files ( That is,
> >related events and communities of similar interest may be directed to
> >their 'common' room).
> >
> >At least this is the discussion that we are just starting between
> >librarians from our National Library and grangenet.
> >
> >Would be interested in any similar conversations you may be across at your
> >end.
> >
> >regards and thanks,
> >
> >simonfj
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Michael Miller
System Engineer
Visualization Technology Support
Computing and Data Management
National Center for Supercomputing Applications
University of Illinois - UC

"If you're clear in your vision and trust the people in your team with 
clear objectives, they will invariably do their best to achieve everything 
desired, and usually deliver everything you could have hoped for and even 
more." -Paul Debevec

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