[AG-TECH] PIG multicast vs unicast?

Jennifer Teig von Hoffman jtvh at bu.edu
Tue Aug 3 11:33:20 CDT 2004

Yup, without (working) multicast you'll get no audio and video.

To test that this is the problem, you could go into a venue that has a unicast bridge and see if everything works. 

(Um, does anybody have the list of bridged venues still posted online somewhere? My bridging doc unfortunately points to the wiki for this information.)

- Jennifer

Hengzhi Zhong wrote:

> Hello,
> I've set up PIG and installed AG2.1.2 on Windows XP.  I could see my vic 
> and rat.
> But, I can only see videos on my side; it's transmitting some feed.  The 
> same goes for the Talk in audio, altho I don't hear anything.  However, 
> the video feed from remote sites are always 0 and I have got 0 kb for 
> Listen as well.  Right now, PIG is not multicast enabled.  Would this be 
> why?
> How can I receive feeds from other sites?
> Hanna

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