[AG-TECH] Re: Mac OS X Progress, RAT is being stuborn

Jerome jeremy.knope at gmail.com
Tue Aug 3 09:37:45 CDT 2004

If QuickTime Broadcaster is applescriptable could possibly rig
something up, so venueclient starts up streams in vic not just for
reading? seemed like with vic you had to go hit transmit to get that
going, but i'm very new to this so not sure.  i might be interested in
the native tk/tcl port of mash to fix up too :)

and anybody want to help with bundling AG grid apps into a pretty OS X
.app ? i got it starting VenueClient for now until i make a small UI
to select an app, but only problem is, if it runs as a .app it fails
to connect...

File "/Users/jerome/AccessGridOSX/AccessGrid/AccessGrid/hosting/SOAPInterface.py",
line 181, in __init__
    raise ConnectionFailed

-- jerome

On Tue, 3 Aug 2004 00:20:12 -0700, Andrew Swan <aswan at cs.berkeley.edu> wrote:
> Jerome wrote:
> > I was kind of interesting in compiling it against the native tcl/tk,
> > but unsure about changing tcl to enlarge the UI widgets, think it's
> > not bad? i know nothing of Tcl, but if it's probably somewhat obvious
> > to find widget sizes maybe i can manage, just probably takes time to
> > go thru it all and find everything?
> yes, it's not anything conceptually complicated, just a lot of
> tedious work...  if anybody is interested in native vic/mash on
> mac os, please get in touch with me and i can give you some
> patches to build the basic mash interpreter on os x.
> > cvs AccessGrid at least looks
> > a-ok in OS X, widget sizes all fixed.
> i believe the accessgrid cvs version still uses x-windows on macos
> with the motif-like look and feel.
> > and think QuickTime broadcaster
> > is a workable solution for transmission?
> yes, quicktime broadcaster and the numerous versions of vic out
> there are all mutually compatible.  but as far as i know, there
> is no code out there to fully integrate quicktime broadcaster
> with the accessgrid venue software.
> -Andrew

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