[AG-TECH] Access grid toolki audio not working

Fabio Calefato calefato at di.uniba.it
Fri Apr 23 04:36:41 CDT 2004


Lately I've been tryng to connetct with a node set up by the University of
We could get the video working. Aslo, the rat gui shows the audio meter move
(so I assume that my node is receiving audio actually) but neither I can
hear my friends talk, nor they can listen to my audio.
What could be wrong in my config?

Many thanks in advance,


Fabio Calefato
PhD student in Computer Science

Department of Computer Science - University of Bari
Via Orabona, 4
70125 Bari - ITALY

e-mail: calefato at di.uniba.it
office phone: +39 080 5443299/3279

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