[AG-TECH] An onslaught of questions

Jimmy Miklavcic jhm at chpc.utah.edu
Thu Apr 22 16:49:00 CDT 2004

Ron Crummett wrote:

>-My boss and I think that the bandwidth is the key issue here.  25 video streams, all transmitted at a rate near 100 kb/s...that's a total around 2.5 Mb/s, just under the capability of two T1s.  Is this an accurate estimate of the per-stream video bandwidth (100 kb/s)?
The minimum connection is 100Mb/s.

>-Is there a way to completely block incoming video streams?  I noticed in VIC today that many of the video streams were from the same nodes, and I figured that for testing purposes if one or ore of those duplicate streams could be blocked, we might have a chance.  But checking the 'mute' box didn't seem to stop the streams, only the motion of the thumbnail.  The video transmission rate continued to fluctuate, leading to the assumption that those video streams, though muted to our machine, were still being transmitted.
The AG Lobby is a unique situation, it's only missing the piano bar. 
Many sites just park their nodes there and "hangout". If you want to 
test you should move immediately, before all the streams appear in your 
vic window, to the Test Room. There is usually only two sites in there 
testing. When you schedule meetings, you can just move directly to the 
apropriate venue and skip past the multitude in the lobby. You can 
request that the transmitting sites only send the necessary number of 
video streams, most sites have three. I have seven. I'm a toy junkie.

>-What kind of bandwidth are most of you using?  Undoubtedly something more than a T1, but just how much?
Our entire building is going to gig from 100Mb/s. Our campus backbone is 
gig, although our connection ti I2 is only a DS3.

>The AccessGrid experience has most definitely been a learning one for me.  I thank you all again for your help in the offering of your experiences and time to help me figure these things out.
Like they say about the Army, "It's not just a job........"


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