[AG-TECH] connection issues?

Ron Crummett roncrummett at mail.caynetco.com
Thu Apr 22 10:08:35 CDT 2004

Hello everyone - 

I am trying to (finally!) test out an AccessGrid machine, but when I tried entering the lobby, I was greeted with this ever-so-friendly message:

"Can not connect to venue located at https://vv2.mcs.anl.gov:9000/Venues/default.  Please, try again."

I would really like to test the machine out today during the Argonne testing session, but can't get in anywhere.  Where does this connection issue lie?  Is it with the software installed on my machine, or is it external to my setup?  If anyone can help me with this I would GREATLY appreciate it.  Thanks so much.

-Ron Crummett

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