[AG-TECH] Take your child to work day (April 22nd)

Locatis, Craig (NIH/NLM/LHC) locatis at nlm.nih.gov
Wed Apr 21 07:23:30 CDT 2004

Kabe, Gavin, Gurcharan, Hubert, and anyone else:

Our NLM node will be up present in the Motorola Labs venue tomorrow.  We
plan to be there most of the day with nothing formal planned.  Some kids may
show up here or they may not.  We're just going to announce this today.


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Gavin, Gurcharan,
Thanks for following up with this, I would say we should reserve a venue and
meet there.  

Unfortunately, I do not have multicast connectivity, so I will need a bridge
set up.
(BTW, we are still running AG 1.x)
We have a schedule at Motorola for kids day, therefore we will have kids
from 10:00-11:00 cst.

Does 10:00 cst work for you?  Please advise and I will reserve a venue.


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So where are we on this?  Should we all just plan to be in the lobby with
sound on, or should we schedule a venue?

Gurcharan S. Khanna wrote (on    , 17 Apr 2004 at 23:37):
> hi all,
> i think this is a great idea. i participated in the last one a couple 
> of years ago. unfortunately, i will be away at the Internet2 meetings 
> in DC next week so won't be able to coordinate things at my 
> institution. and since it's not an official activity at my institution 
> i can't just have someone operate the AG for tours, etc. that someone 
> has organized. i had to do it all myself the last time.
> if even a half dozen sites can get together to do this i would 
> encourage you to do so. in fact, too many sites make it chaotic. also, 
> having some structure would be good, so that similar age groups might 
> talk to each other or if there is some common interest they could 
> share in, rather than just random introductions.
> best of luck,
> -gurcharan
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> --- "Kabe VanderBaan" wrote:
> All,
> I know in years past posts have been made about coordinating something 
> for "Take Your Child to Work Day."  I am being asked to use our Access 
> Grid Node during the day so that children can stop by.
> I figured I would start the thread this year.  If others would be 
> interested in this I would like to take part.  However, I would not be 
> the right person to coordinate this since I am leaving town for the 
> next week.
> Anyway, would anyone like to coordinate an event for kid's day?
> Thanks,
> Kabe
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