[AG-TECH] inquiry on vic, rat, PIG

Dondon Carlos dondonc at asti.dost.gov.ph
Tue Apr 20 03:41:57 CDT 2004

We are experimenting on a PIG setup (PIII 1GHz single processor, 512MB RAM). Our network has multicast capability (we had tested with the beacon server) and it's running on a link connection with a bandwidth of 3xE1 (~6Mbps). This is the connection of the Philippines outside. We had installed and run the AGTk2.1.2. We were able to connect to the ANL venue server (and other venue servers as well e.g. APAG, WESTGRID) and we were able to see the list of the participants there, the shared applications and the shared browsers. THe problem we encountered is that there were no video or audio signals reflected in the Vic and Rat software (coming from other sites). We have done more testings and the video and audio signals only came twice during our testings i.e video/audio from other sites were reflected in our Vic/Rat software only twice and then after that we can't receive them again whenever we enter to venue servers and the rooms there. We followed the instructions in PIG setup. 

Did we miss a thing here? Thank you in advance. Have a nice day.    
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