[AG-TECH] Node Setup Wizard problems

Mike Weaver weaver at er.doe.gov
Wed Apr 14 11:55:56 CDT 2004

This worked for me!  I'm assuming it was the process of deleting and
then re-importing all of the certs.

Thanks Lewis!


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> hi Randy,
> try this route, it worked out here ok:
> a. go to each machine in turn, and run the venueclient as a personal
> node (VenueClient.py --personalNode).  If any cert request wizards pop
> up, cancel them (over and over) til they go away.  you need each venue
> client to run cleanly as a personal node without grumbling - that
> mean all certs and IDs are good, and proxies are fine on each unit.
> should get a local log on all three machines to let you know whats
> occuring.  if you need to, reimport IDs and certs from the
> Venue Client > preferences > Manage Certificates menus
> You can check they are all Ok there also.  Only ANL issued certs and
> are anygood in the longterm.  Importing other CAs and IDs doesnt
> work last we tried.  Take some time to check all cert parts.  The
> default ID, a globus CA and ANL CA cert are needed, and should be
> imported in sequence (globus CA , ANL CA , then personal cert).
> If you reimport - try removing all the older IDs and reimporting.  I
> keep a floppy to hand with both CA certs and my trusty ANL ID for this
> tasks.  Paranoid maybe, but a good clear out works wonders 9/10 times.
> (By the by - it is very vital you export a safe, known good copy of
> ID for later use and retrieval).
> when each machine runs venue client with personal node services
> you can set up the wider multimachine options.  I would not try too
> further til this step works, and you can start VenueClient with
> node services on each unit manually.
> Also, dont waste time 'managing' your node yet (adding services etc)-
> all those parts change later.
> You should not at this stage be running any other tools manually.  No
> command line Node services or Ag service managers - just the
> VenueClient.py with the --personalNode option.  try to get away from
> older AGTK thinking - theres a lot of differences, largely
> (sorry Ivan, but there is ;)
> b. choose a machine that your users will typically start the toolset
> from.  (Almost always this is the display PC).  This machine will
> continue to run :
> VenueClient.py --personalNode
> Make sure the shortcut or script file includes this option.
> Never attempt to manually script AGServiceManager or
> NodeManagementService etc to run on this (the lead) machine - always
> the VenueClient start personal node services as needed for you (it
> actually start AGServiceManager and NodeManager(?) for you).
> c. On all other machines, set AGServiceManager to run as default
>   whatever scripting system you want to use.  Only AGServiceManager is
> needed. Its best to create long proxies on these machines for this
> reason, as these services will rarely be used interactively later.  No
> command line options need be specified.
> d. With AGServiceManager running on the slave machines, start up
> VenueClient --personalNode on your lead machine.
> e. Chose the
> VenueClient > preferences > Manage my node
> option, and the node managment app should pop up.  by default the
> localhost will be in there with little else.  you should be able to
> Service manager > Add..
> from the menu and add the other two service managers by IP address.
> (Only AGServiceManager.py needs to be running on these to make this
> choice work).
> f. If you get this far successfully, and have three service managers
> listed, you are home and dry. Add/remove and edit your services as
> required across all three machines.  when you are happy, choose
> File >Store Configuration
> from the Node Management app.
> You can choose the default configuration, and check use as default,
> all your changes should stay put, for all users of the machine.
> In future, always boot all three machines.  make sure AGServiceManager
> runs as standard on the two slave units.  On the main lead unit,
> run VenueClient with personalNode services enabled - on windows just
> click the desktop shortcut, as --personalNode is already included in
> The personal Node charaterisation is a bit of a misnomer in this for
> sure, but no one sees it.  And this way the config stays put over
> reboots and correctly starts required services on each unit
> Other routes will see your config and services choices disappearing
> after reboots (if you get that far) and its a right work up.
> Hope this helps get you going sooner rather than later, or at least
> shakes something concrete loose to debug.
> bye
> lewis
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