[AG-TECH] booked meeting for the full sail room

Baker, A (Alex) A.Baker at rl.ac.uk
Wed Apr 14 05:01:23 CDT 2004



I booked a meeting for the full sail room today for 14:00 GMT last week. I
still haven't had any response (aside from the automatic email). I
appreciate the ANL tem may not have had time to add my booking due to the
Easter weekend, but it is important that we hold this meeting in one of the
main rooms due to VRVS participation by one of the attendees (which only
works without much hassle in the main venues).


The meeting runs in the full sail room from 14:00 until 17:00 GMT. We would
appreciate it if the venue is left alone between these times.


Many thanks,




Alex Baker                                   

Access Grid Operator,

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory


Phone: 01235 445066

Mobile: 07732095225

Email: a.baker at rl.ac.uk <mailto:a.baker at rl.ac.uk> 



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