[AG-TECH] Assistance Please! Python crash in shared apps!

Randy Groves randy.groves at boeing.com
Mon Apr 12 18:28:07 CDT 2004

(This is a resend of an earlier note.  Interestingly, I just tried master 
Semeraro's new Basic Image, and it worked the first time, but it crashes 
consistently after that.  I haven't tried rebooting to see if there is 
something in the environment that allows this app to work the first time.

Anybody have any clues?)

I haven't seen this before, but it's biting me big time right now.

I have an XP machine (which was upgraded from Win2K).  I installed all the
usual stuff, with no apparent problems.  I can get connected to my venue -
I get sound and audio - no problem.

But when I try anything that is based on the shared app code (Shared
Movie, Basic Image, Shared Presentation), python crashes.  Strangely, the
Shared Browser works fine.  And also strangely, if I start up the Venue
Client in debug mode, I can get the Shared Presentation to come up fine,
but not the Shared Movie or Basic Image.

I have removed all the code, including Python, removed all the files that
I know about in the Program Files and Documents and Settings directories,
and re-installed from scratch.  That doesn't fix the problem.

And since python is crashing, I don't see any evidence in any of the log
files, but I could certainly forward what I have if it helps.

Thanks for any help!


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