[AG-TECH] Take your child to work day (April 22nd)

Kabe VanderBaan kabev at labs.mot.com
Thu Apr 8 13:49:05 CDT 2004

I know in years past posts have been made about coordinating something for
"Take Your Child to Work Day."  I am being asked to use our Access Grid Node
during the day so that children can stop by.

I figured I would start the thread this year.  If others would be interested
in this I would like to take part.  However, I would not be the right person
to coordinate this since I am leaving town for the next week.

Anyway, would anyone like to coordinate an event for kid's day?


Kabe VanderBaan, Senior Research Engineer
Networks and Infrastructure Research, Motorola Labs
Phone: 847-576-1832
Cell: 847-980-4100

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