[AG-TECH] shared browser with private website possible?

ivo schindler ag-techliste at toastbrot.ch
Thu Apr 8 07:30:56 CDT 2004

hi all

i'm a student at the University of Zuerich and for my masterthesis i
investigate the possibilities of AG in the field of cross national
Government-to-Government Videoconferencing. One action i want to test,
is to share a private or locale webbased CMS to another person in a different
country. the results of my analysis will go into the eMayor project [1]
(Creating secure web services for Small and Medium sized Government
Organisations, under the 6th Framework Programme of IST [2] )

As far as i understand that shared browser, included in AG2.1.2, it
works like that: only the URL of the choosen/to be loaded site is submitted 
to the other participants. correct me if i'm wrong.

i want to share a private website (secured by htpasswd or even one 
in a private subnet). how can i manage that, without giving the login-
informations to the others? Is that possbile at all?

And if not, how difficult is it to implement some kind of shared
browser, where i can share it how it looks in a local browser. 
(MS netmeeting like)

is there another possibility with a shared Service somehow?

thank you very much for any help and greetings.ivo schindler

[1] http://www.emayor.org/
[2] http://www.cordis.lu/ist/

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