[AG-TECH] who know the reason?

Xie Bo bxie at sjtu.edu.cn
Wed Apr 7 02:48:05 CDT 2004

It works now! Maybe the venue server showed down for a while yesterday~

-Xie Bo
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  First, thanks very much for Charles's reply. Our IP is 202.120.34.x and our campus network is not multicast enabled (maybe we can evaluate AG by bridge).
  Our situations is (Windows XP+AGTK 2.1.2):
  (1)We can enter a local venue, built  by ourself (using AG 2.1.2), e.g. https://202.120.34.x:8000/Venues/default.
  (2)We can NOT enter the venue https://vv2.mcs.anl.gov:9000/Venues/default today . When we click the "go" button of AG Client GUI, it hangs.
  (3)We can visit http://www.mcs.anl.gov, then we think that our DNS works well.
  (4)We entered the venue https://vv2.mcs.anl.gov:9000/Venues/default one week ago successfully, but it doesn't work today,:(  Does the venue server shut down?

  Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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  > On Tue, Apr 06, 2004 at 03:02:15PM +0800, Shengjun Li wrote:
  > >   The network we use it Chinese Education network)CERNET),which may not support multicast.
  > >   Would you please have a look at our problem and give some some suggestions?
  > What are the IP address(es) of your AG node system(s)?  I see
  > multicast routes from 202.112.7-31.* and 202.112.60.*, but no active
  > state or sessions announced.
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