[AG-TECH] compiling environment for AG media tools RAT and VIC?

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Apr 5 12:34:18 CDT 2004

Hi Andrew,

For linux, the standard development environment should Just Work. Cd into
the ag-media directory and run rat-build or vic-build.

For windows, there are projects for various versions of visual studio, but
assuming you have visual studio.net 2003 installed, you could also just run
the BuildRat.cmd and BuildVic.cmd scripts found in the
AccessGrid\packaging\windows directory.

These scripts point at the correct stuff; the details are too great to try
to enumerate until you peer at that information first.



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	Subject: [AG-TECH] compiling environment for AG media tools RAT and
	We are starting a project that will involve experimenting with the
source code of RAT and VIC.  Basically, we want to extend the configuration
options that are available in the command line and start-up scripts to allow
more control over the various features when the tools are launched.  I can
tell you more about that later if you are interested, but my question is
about the development environment.
	What compiler is required to build RAT and VIC on the Windows and
UNIX platforms?  Is it just the GNU tools for UNIX?  For Windows I
understand that the developers might be using Visual Studio .NET.  Is this
correct?  If so, if we have to go out and buy a new version of this
software, does it matter which of the 3 editions we get? Can we do it all
with the Professional edition, or do we need one of the Enterprise editions?
	Another question concerns the CVS repository.  There appears to be
two locations where the source code for RAT and VIC are stored:
	/ag-media/rat or /ag-media/vic
	/ag-rat or /ag-vic
	Which of these is the current project?
	We hope to be able offer anything useful that we come up with back
to the project. 
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