[AG-TECH] Building a node

Ivan R. Judson judson at mcs.anl.gov
Mon Apr 5 08:25:09 CDT 2004


If folks wouldn't mind it'd be very cool to update this page in the wiki:

With their hardware configurations. For something like Gurcharan's node
(where it's already published), just put a link from some summary? Ie,
windows, single box (http://...)?

Then we can just shoot this url out for folks looking for different configs.


PS -- I think a single box is a handy thing, just like using my laptop, but
I have not been satisfied yet with the echo cancellation solutions for these
nodes, headsets suck (my opinion) and the handy internal audio settings for
doing ec aren't pervasive yet (see the ac97 spec for how it's _supposed_ to
be spec to have it in hardware)...

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> hi,
> we've been running a single box windows node for quite some 
> time now. with AG 2.x we have turned our "back-up" node into 
> a second node for a two box system now. both are windows XP. 
> for full specs see http://research.dartmouth.edu/collab/accessgrid.
> -gurcharan
> =================================
> Gurcharan S. Khanna
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> Dartmouth College
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> --- Rolando.I.Torio at stls.frb.org wrote:
> Hi,
> Is there anyone running all windows OS in their node? 
> Rolando Torio
> Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
> Research Division
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